Corbellic Art is an American Contemporary Fine Art Company based on the workings of the artist, Corbellic.

I am an Expressionist Artist from Columbus Ohio, but now my studio is based out of Los Angeles where I experiment and create Mosaic Dream Paintings.  Coming from Columbus, I had many influences at home from my mother, to my Grandmother and older brother who still creates extensive drawings today.

Being creative and exposed to Art has always been a passion for me, so I moved to Los Angeles for the performing Arts right after College.  After pursuing my acting career, I worked as a Finance Analyst but returned to my childhood roots by expressing myself creatively.  Although I have never been formally educated in the technique of Fine Art, I had Day-Dreamed of Colors and shapes since birth which navigates my bold choices.

I would say my work is influenced by human experiences from modern day life to illustrate untold parts of history.  Most of my words and images come from what I am feeling at the moment towards Work/Debt cycle or past life experiences to break free from anything that may keep us in a Slave mentality.  All of my mixed media pieces uses vintage newspapers, pins, buttons and magazines in the background to fit the theme for any of my paintings, which gives an authentic story to tell to guest.

“Taste Is The Enemy Of Creativity.” – Picasso 

Corbellic Art has been delivering results since we opened in 2016. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

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